Online dating: was wondering if this person is interested or not?

I went to try some online dating websites. I started talking to this one girl yesterday. we talk about an hour and she had to go to her mom's house. Then I message her later that day and we talked for like 30 minutes. The next day I message her around 8pm, and we talked for only like 30 minutes because she was going to bed. so I was wondering on your guys and girls opinion, if she was interested or I came off too aggressive.
i haven't met her in person yet. I'm just trying to get to know her first by chatting with her from the online-dating app.


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  • Go ahead and ask her for a drink or coffee already. If she gives you her number you have your answer. If not she is probably on the middle of something with someone already.


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  • That's way too much time on the phone. Have you met her in person?

    • no i haven't yet. today's conversation was short

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    • ok i'll ask her tomorrow. thank you again for your opinion!

    • No worries. Good luck, and I hope everything works out well for you.

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