Guys: should I be upset at my BF over what happened?

To make it short, we were texting the whole morning and I was talking to him what the plan was for today and what time I will be coming over as I am off. He was acting kinda funny on text so I stopped texting. Come nighttime, I still didn't hear from him then it was past midnight and he tells me "My phone died and I went out for drinks with my group. Sorry I didn't say anything" I was thinking of coming over morning to his place, now I'm just like F**** it.


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  • you have the right to be upset in my opinion just dont be to harsh about it.

    • Exactly right? I was asking because I feel like I was being too dramatic but why do you agree?

    • He completely blew you off and excused himself before you even asked but the excuse didn't make sense. How did he meet with his friends without calling them?

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