What does this quote mean do you think?

So there is this quote from The Dark Knight, where the Joker says to Batman:

"You have all these rules and you think they are going to save you" and later says "The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules"

What does that quote mean to you? How would you interpret it?


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  • i think it means that as humans we implement all sorts of rules, morals, boundaries and such into our lives because we think that it's the best/healthiest way to live but the second part is saying that the only way to survive in this world is to adapt without restrictions and never be limited by your "rules". he's suggesting that to live with rules is bad for you, your life etc. i tried to put it as simply as possible

    • Nice! That's a very good interpretation. Thank you

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  • Well I think that the joker wants to live like a renegade who don't follow any rules in his life because he thinks that rules are meaningless

    • Do you think one can apply it other things such as religion, morals etc?

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    • Same, I don't agree with it either. Without rules there would be chaos.

  • It means "simple and direct, over correct", which is my only belief.


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  • Some people think the best ways to live is through self-rule. Others interpret that as pure anarchy that would lead to chaos, but that's not necessarily true... I think the Joker was just pointing out that we are all quite restricted by the rules in place. Though personally, i don't think all these rules are bad.


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