Why did he say this?

this guy i was talking to said i was country, not to be racist or anything, but you like white guys & listen to country music, most black people dont like country. & i asked why'd he want to date me if he usually didn't date black girls he replied. "theres just something about you, honestly you shouldve been born white." Why'd he say something like that?


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  • He likes you. But he's not all the way comfortable with dating a different race. Like I don't see people as a color or race and I'm country. I've dated all sorts but the first guy it took a while to get used to b=him being a different race. It's something you get used to/over soon. Then once other people point it out your like. Oh yeah he is lol. Like again not something you really notice after you get used to it.
    For country people, it's different because it's not as accepted as it is in Cali for example.


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