Would you date somebody you've already slept with?

Would you ever have a relationship with someone if you've already had sex before going out?


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  • FWB is beneficial at a young age for both male and females (it does have sideaffects like pregnancies, STDs, and others). The release of hormones only continues to rage, even into this topic or moment.

    FWB usually aren't given a real chance to show their true colors. With parting ways, people usually have feelings that are never truly expressed. Rekindling a friendship like this could be beneficial or detrimental (Good or bad).

    The pros:

    - You two find happiness

    - The relationship is meaningful vs casual

    - You two do a lot of things together

    The con's:

    - There's little mystery in many situations

    - Bad habits that haven't changed so far, rarely do

    - Your "lover" could have become a player (rare occurance, but it does happen)

    The list's continue. Look at what you have to gain from what you have to lose, if you are willing to take the risk - Go For It! He doesn't know your feelings are like that until you explain it to him. As guys - we are psychologists that can read minds, we need a few hints (and then some... lol)

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  • Nearly every girl I've ever started goinng out with has been a girl I slept with before hand so yes, its lead to some good relationships. I don't think this is a factor in how good the relationship would be.

    If anything, its better to know what they are like in bed before making a commitment. You gotta know that you have a good physical chemistry together. Dating someone for 4 months them finding out they aren't good in bed or you aren't compatible sexually for whatever reason will lead to the downfall of the relationship anyway


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