Does it make sense that this is bugging me a little, or am I just reading into it too much?

My boyfriend mentioned, just out of the blue, that "my god, you're seriously the prettiest girl I've ever dated". And okay, I did think that's really sweet of him to he say that and all, but...

I don't fully beileve him for some reason, and if he's saying that just for my sake, well... I don't want him to feel like he has to butter me up with compliments. It's okay if I'm not the prettiest girl he's ever dated. He doesn't have to say I am. If I were the kind of girl who really cared about that, I would have done the inane girl thing and asked him if I'm prettier than his exes. But, I honestly don't care to compare myself to past people he's been with. I've never even seen them. All that matters to me is that he likes me, and wants me, and... I just think he should be himself.

Then again maybe he is and he really feels like that. I don't know. It just seems like he compliments my looks too much sometimes.

Compare it to if you had an average-small sized dick and the girl you were with kept saying it was huge, the biggest she's ever had, etc. I know I'm pretty, but I'm not all that and saying I am makes me feel... uncomfortable.


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