All girls are taken?

I am a pretty nice and cool guy and i have a lot to offer , i have really so much things to offer physically and mentally , but i just can't find a GF i want a real genuine gf not some bar party i want a good girl the kind of girl that is cool, smart and cute at the same time , someone you feel comfortable with and you know that she is loyal to you and will love you and help you no matter what... but the problem is no matter what i do , no matter how many girls i talk to i dont seem to be able to get a gf, i found a girl that is perfect for me she has everything i want but is moving to another state and now i can't find a girl , all girls aged 14+ are taken where i live , i live in a small town 20k-30k people , every girl i set my eyes on is taken , its getting annoying to the point of making me depressed all the time , everyone has a gf except for me there are literally no single girls in my area i have no money atm so can't really go to other towns to hang out and find someone , I don't know what to do waiting doesn't seem to fix my problem at all , its not going to come on its own , if i dont do it it will not happen , but at the same time iam not sure how to do it , i just... i dont know?


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  • I'm sure not every single girl out there is taken. Or will be taken forever either for that matter. You never know what could happen. I've learnt again recently that there is no use to place all your happiness and joy inside finding another person. Have happiness in yourself and being by yourself first. That's really the only thing you can do in the mean time. I mean that's what I'm doing do till the day I meet someone. There's no magical recipe for finding the love of your life. You just need to be patient and have some faith.


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  • I live in a major metropolitan area and have a very large, if relatively loose social circle, and even with I would guess a much larger age range than you, I never come across available women I'd be interested in dating in the long-term. But then, I'm an arrogant ass who thinks he deserves someone like you describe.

    Here's the thing: don't let your happiness depend on socially constructed expectations. The idea that you have to have a girlfriend and then get married and have a family to be happy and live a meaningful life is bunk. Live a life that makes you happy about who you are, and if somebody wants to share that life with you, awesome. If not, then make it a source of pride that you did not compromise who you are and what you wanted for what society told you you should be and what you should want.

    Here's a general observation: most people like to be around happy people. If you're happy with yourself, your confidence and positivity will encourage others, including girls, to interact with you in a positive way, which will in turn create more opportunities for you to find the type of person you're looking for.


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  • If worse goes to worse, try online dating lol. Everybody on there are single. But be safe on it, use Google image search just in case and make sure they have Skype or snapchat. If you still like the person but they don't meet qualifications, call the show Catfish haha.

  • There is someone out there for you. just be confident within yourself. the right girl will come along. Just look at it like this... if girls you have tried to get at dont respond... you probably dodged a huge bullet... sometimes its a sign

    • i keep saying that to myself , maybe its not meant to be... but how come it happens to everyone but me? where the hell do all these guys get girls is there like a mine or something? i try texting girls i like or seem to like me and they start talking like i am bothering them or as if they have better things to do? i mean comeonwhy seem interested in you're not !

    • private message me

    • ik i go through the same thing! im talking to this guy right now that i really like so we will see how that goes.. but us girls are very subtle, and flirtacious people. We also liked to be chased. Maybe that is what those girls want! how do you know and why do ypu feel those girls are annoyed?

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