Should I just stop trying?

I met a foreign exchange student from Germany. On the first date we had feelings for eachother. She stares at me and says things like, "I just want to kiss you". I'm also a virgin and have never been in a relationship, she isn't. One week later we meet and I tell her that maybe meeting you was for me to experience a heart break because I just poured all my feelings for her but she seemed a bit taken back. She later texts me, "I like you but I don't think I'm the right girl for you, you deserve better". I tell her that I really like her and she tells me, "I think your first time should be special and I don't know if I can be a good memory for you because maybe I'm not sensitive enough for you"...
She later tells me I make her mind go crazy and tells me she feels bad for what she said... i just want her to be honest and tell me whether she likes me or not but can't...

As much as I want this to work, should I just stop talking to her and just cut her off... or should I play it cool and see what happens?
I'm 20 she's 22


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  • Don't tell women everything all at once. Don't seem so desperate. They get creeped out. I'd find someone else and try again. You learn as you go.


What Guys Said 1

  • I think the mistake you did was that you gave all
    you had.. Means you told her your feelings soon... she wanted to stay slow...
    When she said she wants to kiss you means she wanted to hook up... maybe... you took it far very soon.. And she got creeped out... Maybe..

    Or she just wanted sex... they all. yes women can be shallow too...


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