Girls, So I'm feeling creepy. End this?

I'm quite a bit older and she's my massage therapist... but we hit it off well, have great chemistry, and after the fourth session I just said wtf and asked her out. She seemed a bit surpised, so I backed off.

Then she texted me asking when I would call her. We've hung out twice since and sparks were in the air. She is very flirtatious, as am I, but about the time things look like we'll kiss she brings up I'm a client, or I'm way older (38-25), and I feel like a creep and back off. I want to drop it but I can't get her out of my head! She's pretty much perfect, but too young I'm afraid.
We talked for awhile yesterday and everything was cool. We planned to go out this weekend. But today I texted her about it and she backed out. She decided back to her old boyfriend. I have a feeling she was just using me to make him jealous. I don't need that bs.


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  • Don't believe her... if BF wants her back b/c of her infatuation with you - it won't last... again.
    I WOULD pursue someone that won't wash out of your hair!
    Even if lust, love CAN follow - do you have SO many of these types you can cull one and keep shopping (forever)? Not me.

    Me? I would Wait a week
    then avalanche her with flowers, gifts you know she loves, then phone her up to give a choice:
    "I can't get you out of my head, I have to, need to be with you... SO YOU choose if I can't be both... may I be your date and suffer no more elegant massages... or simply a client, eating his heart out?

    THEN see how it goes
    your passion to blow it off is a "tell" you have passion... for her

    Lust/love is NOT creepy

    • This is an interesting take.

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  • I suggest you give it a shot. I think that you being a client is a bit more important than the age thing to her.

  • Just slow down, if she's willing to go out with you and flirt it means she wants it but needs mental preparation, Be patient and let her make the next move first.

  • I don't think the age thing is a big deal, but if you guys want a relationship you may have to switch to a different therapis. She would be risking her job if her employer found out.

  • Maybe change your therapist then

    • But she's the best! Nobody seems to do as good a job as her. Anyway, that would probably just piss her off. In other words, I don't think dropping her would save the relationship. But slowing down the relationship might help me keep massage therapist :)

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