I'm a bisexual male and my question is why is it so hard to be appealing for both genders?



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  • Because finding openly homosexual males is a difficult chore, I'd guess.


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  • Why do you need to attract both genders? Are you a polygamist?

    Just choose one gender. You'll attract most females by being more masculine looking. But you'll probably attract more homosexual males by being more feminine looking (correct me if I'm wrong, because I don't know how a gay man thinks).

    So just pick one.

    • Obviously I can't that's why there's thing called bisexual 😑😑😑

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    • How Am i ignorant about my own sexuality 😂 obviously you are if you don't understand the meaning of bisexuality

    • Dude i DO understand the meaning if being bisexual.

      Bisexual: being attracted to males AND females.

      But i ALSO understand that you can't be a polygamist! You have to choose between one or the other. Good luck with that

  • because you have your feet in two camps at once.. trying to be all things to all types

  • Because guys and girls like different things I suppose?

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