Out of self respect, should I leave him?

I have been really close to this guy but its so complicated between us. He does everything that makes me mad but i still talk like it never happened.
He lied to me about major stuff! He lied to not meet me, he lied about his parents getting divorced, his uncle passing away and his ex which never existed. I figured that he wants to flirt and says everything he wants to say but still be in the safe side as i don't understand his i love yous or i can't ever live without you more than friends? Anyway! There's more, when he found out i hate smokers he was like when you're standing infront of a guy who never smoked anything but then i found out he did drugs so awhile and smokes cigarettes on daily basis. I dont get him! And i dont know where i stand in his life. I tried to move on and he seemed pretty okay with it but stuff happened so we had to talk and i always like so friendly and okay with it even after saying to him in the face that he can only dream about seeing my name again on his screen and that kindof stuff and well he asked if we could talk again and that he misses me, fucking stupid i am i was like oh sure. Wtf is wrong with me? Its obvious he is taking me for granted even though he showed how sorry he was but only by words no action! And i like still there for him and ALWAYS available!!
Well you're standing*
For awhile* sorry


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  • I'd leave him he is a habitual liar

    • Should i just block him and like avoid him anywhere i see him?

    • You can but I'd just leave him alone without blocking him unless he gets violent. You will be able to see how he really feels about you if you leave him alone

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  • Yes you should

    • I keep getting back to him like an idiot

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