I cared about this guy but after I broke off our friendship even when I opened the door for him he didn't respond I just want to forget him but how?

This guy and me were super close and all I need to do is forget him because he hasn't come back to me even after I reopened the imaginable door. I see him in the hallway everyday and it makes my heart ache. How can I forget about him? I've wasted too many hours with him on my mjnd


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  • So you broke off your friendship with him and then after a while you were like: "we could be friends again"? Because if that is what happened I completely understand him not responding.

    • Lol no I get that but he completely cut off communication he wouldn't even talk to me for a week so I said if ur not going to tell me why we can't be friends. Months later we had been making eye contact I the hall so I said hey text me if you want and we could talk. I was trying got see if he wanted to explain himself

  • aren't there any other guys beyond him that u like?

    • Yeah but the one I like didn't like me back and when I see the guy I want to forget I can only think what if and gosh I like him

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