Going on a date with a girl, but she's in a not serious 'thing' with someone else?

She initiated and got my number and clearly made it sound like she wanted to go out with me. well we got something scheduled for later this week. She told a buddy of mine that she has been talking to another guy but she made it sound like it wasn't serious. So she doesn't have a boyfriend. I am not supposed to know about this guy yet. And I do not know any details on the nature on what they do or do not have going on..
Should I keep the date casual to just coffee? (so i am not stepping on any toes) Or go all out and knock her socks off? like I would if there wasn't someone else in the picture..


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  • Id just go for coffee dont spend money on women who dont deserve it.

  • I would not worry about her unless you want to be a backup boyfriend.


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