Do I really not care to him? thats what others tell me?

this guy and I have been friends for a long time and we've had feelings for each other for awhile. We didn't try it out before because we were always busy but he kept like hinting he wanted something more, obviously, so he'd set up a day for us to hang out and hed flake last minute and hang out with his friends or something. he wouldn't actually be busy. we've only hung out twice since we decided to try it out. its been like a month. I know we should take things slow but like.. I want to hang out. He wanted to hang out yesterday but before he even asked, I was telling about how I had a lot of hw and it was going to be a long day for me. I asked if he wanted to hang out tomorrow (today) and he said yeah sure that he'd see me today. well today came along and when he got home from work, which is around 5, he said he had to help his dad do something. then like an hour later (which is still not late for us to hang out, we've gone out at 8 before) he sends me a snapchat of his friends, meaning he;s out with them, then later I asked what he was up to and he said he was at his friends house, they wanted him to buy beer since he's 21. Also, a lot of times he doesn't want to drive to my area (20 min away) bc he says its far and he doesn't have gas, or it has to last him. but then in that week he'll go to his friends house which literally lives 2 miles from my house. I mean im not saying to come to my house. in fact, he;s the one that would tell me to go to his house after work at like 11 or 12. like wtf, what kind of girl do yuo think I am. he finally stopped asking me to come over. anyways, I feel like he doesn't really care. he's just whatever about it and its sort of annoying. this is the exact reason why I had removed his from all social networks bc I was done with him playing games. ugghhhh what should I do


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