What's the worst that's happened?

I'm giving someone a love letter for the first time in my life, and I'm super anxious.
What's the worst that's happened to those who have confessed before?
I just want to know of different possible results and be ready.


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  • The worst thing that could happen, is they read it and they just look at you blankly in the face. No word, Nothing.
    They could reject you and tell you they don't feel the same way.
    They can just say thanks to you with an awkward smile.

    All bad results though


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  • I'm not liking sending your feelings in a letter, unless you're just repeating what he already knows in a romantic way. Love takes time, and it's not something you need to "confess" to. These things are much better done face-to-face, when you're comfortable with the guy you're talking to.


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