Are there any people on here who've had a decent amount of success with online dating and would be willing to help me improve my profile?

I think I've done a decent job of listing some things about myself - leaving room for guys to ask more about me, but still not giving away everything about myself. I think I have nice pictures that are representative of me dressed in different situations... I'm not sure what else I could do to spice up my profiles a little. I was hoping someone with a little better luck than I could give me pointers.

If interested, I could message you with my blurbs/profile info.


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  • That depends on which site is on, every site has a different audience and every audience demands a different approach

    • I use both OK Cupid and Plenty of Fish. How do you think those audiences differ?

    • Okcupid is where u will find guys who will actually read your profile while on pof most just look at the pictures
      The easiest way to scores dates from OC is by writing a bio that is funny and a little different while on pof u need pretty pics with at least two full body shots

    • I completely agree with that analysis. PoF is extremely picture based. Would you recommend any other sites? I've been on those for a little over 2 years. Went on a few dates, but nothing that really went anywhere.

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  • I'd been trying online dating since I was like 17. Out of the thousands of messages I'd sent, I've gotten maybe 5% in responses. Never met anyone in person that I met on an online dating site. I don't 'think' my profiles were too scary or anything. I have no idea...

  • Your vagueness about your profile can be a possible problem.

    I tend to pass over women that have very short, restrictive profiles. Makes me think she's emotionally closed in real life, too (which is one of my biggest turn offs ).

    Most guys feel that same. It's not about "baiting us to ask questions". It's about you being OPEN and saying your interests, personality traits, and what you are looking for!


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