How do I stop feeling bitter and depressed because every woman in my life has cut me off and I have always been rejected?

I'm feeling really bittered and depressed because I feel like I'm just a creep, and creeps never find love. I'm frustrated because today I got cut off my a female acquaintance or friend, and I get cut off every year by a female friend oracquaintance. I get rejcted by women that I don't even like or ask out, but somehow I give the wrong vibe and treat me like a creep that has crush on them. I'm not sure if this parnoinia from past experiences or if my situation is legit, but I feel really biter and depressed about it. I don't dislike women just to clarify becuase I'm the only one to blame. It's more like I hate my myself and life for creating a creepy unlovable scumbag like myself. I also feel suicidal because I wish I had a girlfriend because then I would not get cut off by women every year. What should I do? =(
Of course whenever I get cut off, I leave that woman alone because that point it would be unwanted attention. Thus, it would be creepy.
Also, whenever I have a crush I avoid them because once more I'm afraid of being a creep. I'm obsessed with the idea of being a creep. I also have social anxiety. Usually, I cut-off after 6-7 months of knowing out the blue.


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  • You just need to stop caring so much. Also, stop thinking that you're a creep just because a couple of people seem to. There's nothing creepy about liking a girl and going after her. If they have a problem with that, then just back off. And since you say that you do, that means you're not a creep. People do say rude things even if they aren't true, so don't let it get to you.


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  • Hey bro its ok women do the same to me because they think I'm ugly and repulsive and when I talk they think its sexual or as u said being a creep when honestly my whole life I've never had anyone to hug or hold or love I was raised on the street by a couple of nice Christians who lost there place but when I was 7 they kicked me out and I was forced to raise myself anyways dude I understand ur pain of wanting a gf I really do I've wanted one my whole life difference between me n u? You got the courage to try so don't give up man if you have depressing thoughts think about 3 thing u find that u like about yourself its a real confidence booster

    • Yea I have a bad self esteem and tend to worry what people think too much but it is who I am ya know?

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    • Sure. I send you a message.

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  • It hurts but what you need to remember is that you are THE SHIT. You are better than all these people and believe in yourself!


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  • Bro look at it this way, rejection is an "illusion". Learn not to take them personal. There are millions of reason why a girl will reject you besides appearing unattractive to her etc. And believe me when I tell you that there are a lot of positive reasons.

    You know, when you go fishing and at first you can't catch a fish does not mean you never will. You just keep on going till you get better at it

  • You need to believe in yourself. If you don't why should anyone else?
    Be positive. Have something valuable to offer someone else. Keep hunting for the right one. Every experience good and more importantly bad is a chance for self reflection and improvement.

    Learn from life and put yourself in a positive place for love to happen. It will when you least expect it and you are ready for it.

    Good luck. If suicidal, please get help... relationships will only compound not cure truly suicidal tendencies.


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