After first date blues?

So I went out on my first date since last November. It went really well and we got on. We kissed which was lovely, even though he opened his mouth a bit too wide lol.
But the next day when he text me good morning, I noticed that he wasn't his usual self. He answered with one word answers and wasn't making an effort. I chose to ignore it. I text him the day after and said I hoped his first day back at college won't be too stressful. He text me near midnight that night saying that he's sorry he was busy but he was going to bed. He said he'd text me the next evening at some point. No text thus far. And I haven't text him either.

I know it's early days still but what do you do in these situations? Guys, do you like girls who text you first and show interest or do you like girls who play hard to get? And girls, do you let the guy do all the chasing or do you put your best foot forward and text him?

Both the same questions but hopefully with different answers.
Sorry, the last date I had was in November. This was my first one since then. Completely different guy.


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  • Sorry, I'm a little confused. How many dates have you been on? Was it just one in November?

    • Just leave it, it's only been one date. The first few dates are just to get to know each other so try to keep realistic expectations. He's not the only guy out there.

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