Girls, I think my gfs mum takes the piss out of me?

ok so i was at my partners parents house, we were there for Easter , and i was getting changed when her mum accidentally walked in on me and saw me naked. She kind of just stood there appologising instead of actually leaving. Anyway, that was a while ago now and i have noticed that she has dropped a couple of jokes since and im not sure if im totally tripping out and reading to much into it or if she is actually properly teasing. Like i saw a guy on tv get hit in the nuts and i went ohhhh that would be so painful and she said why? you have nothing down there and laughed. See i dont know if she was joking or actually teasing. My gf has no idea. This was one incident and another was when the mum found an empty box of "large" size condoms in the trash and she says who the hell's are these? then my partner goes they are def not ours and her mum goes "yeah well i know that" and laughed. Surely she is taking the piss?


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  • Ignore it and it will pass. Continue being nice and respectful to her cause you know she's your gf's mom and she's important to her.

  • Sure seems like she is teasing you... Doesn't sound like a very nice woman from what i've read.

    • it does ay! but she's doing it in a way i can't pull her up on

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    • yeah... and i swear im not even small

    • You have nothing to worry about then, except for a mean woman, but who cares, it's not her you're dating.

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