Will dating get better with age?

just got out of a relationship with a girl who was immature and selfish (seems like most girls my age) and now she is dating my friend. she wants me to stay friends with her but it was her choice to end it, im not gonna be put to the side while she goes for someone else. granted im only 19 and may be overreacting a bit but it seems like all the advice i get just doesn't add up. will dating get better with age?


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  • No, you're not overreacting at all. I've been in this situate before, and she wanted to stay "friends" too. I put "friends" in quotation marks because this social relationship will be more like being an acquaintance of this girl. You will probably just text once in a while but that will be it, nothing else.
    The actual problem is her having one of your friends as a boyfriend, which may not only make you jealous as heck, but may also jeopardize your friendship with your friend in general. So, forget about her, she's not worth the trouble.

    And yes, dating will get better with age since serious dating requires some degree of sexual maturity. I mean, just look at the relationships 14-year-olds (etc.) have - They usually mean NOTHING !


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