Alright so if I'm a terrible guy, who can't get women. Do I never deserve to have sex honestly. Is that a pleasure I should just give up on?

It seems kinda sad. Like there's so many women out there and even women who will take money for sex but this is frowned upon.

It's like if you can't get it yourself you don't get it. But like, shit I try really hard.

Reaaaaaaly hard.


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  • BAD FORCED SECKS IS ain't EVEN GOOD YOU JUST NEED TO FIND THE RIGHT TIME MEET THE ONE FOR YOU--like dating sites like tinder--be patient man!

    • Nah I have a really unattractive personality. I'm great in normal life but with woke I have like no spine. I'm not even ugly I just have no ducking spine with women. I just naturally try to do whatever they want. But I wanna have sex. So I can deal with the quality of sex after that's over and done with

    • Also women fool experienced men with fake organs all the time. Plus I've read articles of how empowered some sec workers are. Like Noone looks down on em anymore. So i think it would be okay.

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