Guys, I need advice, is he losing interest? What should I do?

We've hung out and hooked up a bunch of times- we've known each other for a few months. Neither of us want anything serious and he's tried to sleep with me a few times but I resisted because I didn't want to seem easy. I genuinely am ready now and it's like he's disappearing.. I'm so confused..
Last time I saw him was last Thursday, and I inadvertently came across as needy- saying I wanted to go out and not just hook up- but I just meant I wanted to hang out as well as having fun.
Anyway I backed off a bit after that and he hadn't messaged me. I messaged yesterday and asked if he wanted to hang out- he was busy. I messaged tonight too and tried to make it more flirty, he said he was tired and going to sleep straight away.

I get that people get busy, but I just want things to be fun again because it seems like he's not keen at all.
I don't know if I'm overthinking it though because I tend to do that.
Should I give up all together? Say something to him (if so, what?), wait a few days?
I would play hard to get a bit because that tends to work but he doesn't even message me first now😣


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  • Yes, yes, everything depends on your moods. Well, it played out for you well, because judging by his actions post-refusal, looks like he just wanted to fuck.

    It's cool that you don't wanna be too easy, but don't try to flip the script now and claim that you think you are "ready". Makes you look just as bad as him.

    Game over

    • That is true
      He asked to see me tonight and I don't know what to do now lol, i had prepared myself mentally to not see him again

    • Wow, it's a pendulum.
      I'll shed some light - if this guy really was into you he would have said something like "Yo, I'm busy with work for a few days, you wanna catch up in the weekend?" But he didn't and now he wants to see you again? You can at least troll him and tell him you are on your period :D

    • Ok I'm so confused now
      I saw him, and he didn't try to have sex with me and said we should go away together one weekend
      Lol talk about hot and cold

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  • I'd say they rule for girls is if he doesn't message you first don't talk to him ( unless you are dating). In your situation you probably played hard to get for too long. He's most likely lost interest. The only thing you can do is stay friends and hope he starts liking you again.

    • No offence but I don't know how to take a 16 year old seriously lol
      But you're completely right
      I think I'll wait a few days and see if he just wants to chill and do something fun :) thanks

  • He probably just isn't into those games. "Hard to get" can be seen as no interest on your part. It may be that your game made him move on to greener pastures. So he may be involved with someone else now and thus the low interest in you.

    • I wasn't playing hard to get, I've always been very upfront and just wanted to wait until I'm ready.
      And I said the other day as part of what I said that I didn't want to wait anymore
      I think I accidentally made it sound too serious and less fun though
      Maybe some space and casually hanging out is the best thing, I hate when things get complicated

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