If a girl responds with just a haha or thanks or blanks the how are you whilst texting?

If you're texting a girl, who normally responds really enthusiastically, why would they take a while to reply suddenly? As in say days or a week? Is that disrespectful?

What if they just say thanks to bday wishes or a compliment?

What if they just say 'haha'? I mean, it's good to know she thought what I said was funny too, but is it up to me to reply to her contenless message?

Also if I had already asked her how are you? then why would she blank that part?

Also girls who like your compliments and don't ask how you are?


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  • Weak sauce son. Find a new chick

    • I like that analogy.

      1. Why take so long to respond
      2. Why did she then respond in a week as if normally and without apology/explanation
      3. When I responded to her comment, then she just texts back haha and doesn't answer how are you?

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  • You are expecting quite a lot form a simple text conversation.. If these are things that bother you, you should talk to her about them. Not keep the feeling inside and let it fester

    • Expecting a lot? As in expecting an answer?

      Thing is it just seems disrespectful to not reply for so long. Given she gave no apology for being so late it seems that she wasn't tied up with something?

      What do I do?

      I didn't play any games and replied immediately when she got back to me and she replied with a haha?

    • As in expecting an immediate response or not giving her time. People have gotten so used to this immediate world of texting and chats and things of that nature that we find it inexcusable that anyone have something that takes them away from us.
      Talk to her. If she tells you it is simply her life that causes the delay you will need to be patient. That is all. It doesn't mean she likes you less, just that other things are happening and that she will get back to you when she can

    • I wasn't expecting an immediate answer. But sometimes if I text her, she sounds so enthusiastic and we have these long banterful conversations.

      She's responding fairly quickly and it's flirty.

      Even when it takes time, it's not a week, more like a few hours at most.

      The thing is you say to talk to her, but I keep asking her how she is by text. This occasion she ignores that part and doesn't ask me how I am?

      And what do you make of the week to respond, then I replied back to her late reply (also asking her how she was) and she just went haha.

  • It seems that she lost interest. Young people are fickle. You should just leave her alone.

  • Either she's busy or not interested

    • Then wouldn't it be polite to say she was busy or apologize for the late reply?

      If not interested, then how come she did reply eventually?

      It seems a bit disrespectful to the other person, if someone doesn't message back for an entire week? Also it makes a flowing conversation difficult to create?

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    • Yes I read it and I just dont think she's interested. I know you dont want to hear it but its what i think.

    • I still don't understand. Can you explain why she even bothered to reply then?

      And then when I texted back to what she said, she just goes haha?

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  • Bro, no answers because no one can understand what you wrote. It makes no sense. Is English your 2nd language?

    • You serious?

      What is hard to understand?

    • What was the point of you commenting here?

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