What should I do to get my ex-boyfriend back?

I still like him and now we know how to be in relationship. The last day, when we hung out, he kissed and hugged me and said jokingly that he hates me. And he also kissed my hand romantically like in the movies. We have fun together, and I feel so good when I am with him. I even asked him to be my date for my friend's wedding and he said that he wants to amd he will check his work schedule. I realized just now that he was till flirting with me 1 year ago all the way now. He doesn't really text, I think he is busy with work and school, but I really wanna text him. I don't want to be clingy. But I want to know how can text in a way that he will ask me out again? I need help.
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  • Honestly, if you like him, tell him. Fight for him!

    I think the main reason why people DON'T tell the person that they like is the fear of rejection and the fear of not being able to remain friends if they were beforehand.

    But I think it'd be a bit hard to be "just" friends with him if you still have feelings for him.

    And if he isn't interested, at least you will know and won't have to wonder. If he isn't, he must not be "the one". I know it would be really hard at first, but I am SURE you will find someone else down the road that will make you glad that it didn't work out with him, after all.

    Good luck, hang in there!

    P. S. It might be better thing tell him in person if you can though...


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