Is he into me? Need your input?

I always have to send the first text to my boyfriend... would this be annoying to you? Sometimes I only hear from him on his lunch break and may not get to see him for 2/3 days. He says he has a lot going on, but thinks of me lots... NEED YOUR GUYS/GALS input please!!!


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  • It's super annoying to me. Because you feel like first they don't care and second you are annoying/bothering them. I had a ex like your bf. I always had to text first and had to keep the convo going which I hated.
    If you feel this way, Talk to him about it. Don't just assume because something might be going on. I mean sometimes I have to much on my mind to talk to anyone or even text.
    I'm guessing he is around his 30's like you so really it could be work or anything. Also I know it's hard but don't text him inless he texts you. No matter how long it has been since he has spoken to you. I mean it. He will amke time for you if he cares enough and you are worth it to him. Trust me! :)


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  • Wow very annoying, how old is this guy?

    • In his 30s. I know he does have a few things going on, I mean heck I've already met half his family... UGH MEN😠

    • Ok, my ex was like this also and he was in his late 30s. I had to initiate everything and I felt like he didn't care, so I asked him about it and he said I think to much. I broke up with him, and he's trying to get me back now.

  • Not into you at all.
    Dump him!


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