How to win her attention again?

So I went on two dates with this girl... She seemed really cool... not sure if I'm really into her or not but would like to find out. 2 days after the second date I messaged her to say hi and she didn't respond. So I guess that was her way of saying she wasn't interested in talking anymore. It's been almost 2 weeks now. See is really outgoing where as I'm a bit of an introvert.

I wouldn't mind hanging out with her again. I am not expecting much from her... friends at least... the possibility of more would be great but again... no major expectations. We had a good time the 2 times we went out... at least I thought. What's the best way to re-initiate convo with her?


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  • Ask for a third date.


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  • You just gotta text or call her again and ask her out. If she ignores you or gives you some bs excuse she's not interested.


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