Interracial dating latino men asking black women out?

so if this is long im sorry im just getting home and i just had to post here but yes so this started about 2 months ago. well i just got my youngest son into a daycare and got to meet his teachers , he has three and they where black two elder and one around my age im 24 . so when i first met her she was glowing she was beautiful i didn't look at body cause i want love not sex but yea just her face and i was stuck on stupid =) since then she made me think of our future together and this is just from exchanging like 5 words. she has a daughter and i have 2 boys and a 8 yr old daughter she doesn't know yet though she's 27 im sorry guys if my punctuations are stupid im just worried and well i noticed she doesn't make a lot of eye contact with me but when she does its when im not looking and i catch her she smiles so hard =) but i feel she's out of my league she's so pretty and intelligent and me im just 6'1 dominican brazilian work take care of all my kids thats about it also and i only ONLY date African American women so all my kids are mixed =D but today there was something related to interracial relationships so i used that as an excuse to talk to her but in a way i was telling her about how i felt personally and she was like she had no preference when it comes to race i started blushing and she was like why are you so red and i was like cause im light skinned lmfao but i asked to many questions i feel but it honestly was out of nerves raging cause i was scared of her not liking me so I don't know the way the convo ended was awkward lol but she mentioned how she's not ready to date and she's in school and taking care of her daughter so i didn't dive to much into it but i see myself with her i just dont know how to make it happen i get butterflies in my stomach and heart i stuttered a lot too lol but I don't know can you guys help me i would wait for her but i wouldn't want to lose my opportunity you know so plsz help me out =)
i dont know i feel i creeped her out do you think so i feel bad i feel i came a little strong maybe I don't know but she's trini dark natural her smiles makes me go soft meaning my whole tough looking or serious looking face turns so freaking cheesy like I've never seen myself like this before i love black women i truly can say love at first site exist cause i dont see sex i see laughter and growth marriage trips everything but I don't know how to break the ice lol


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    • Black + Hispanic = hot spicy sexy fire yesss.

    • I would just go for it! If she acts weird then it mostly just means she could be surprised. Even though a lot of people have overcome race, a lot of people are still very racist, so it might just come as a surprise that you'd date outside of your race.

    • yea i know i love seeing interracial couples its a beautiful thing not bashing on other relationships that dont date out their race but i feel our love bursts out more then others and i feel the love a black women and latino men show each other is so legit you feel me

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  • I don't see an issue with you simply asking her out for coffee. Well, you two have kids so maybe a play-date at the park. That way, you can introduce your daughter to her.

    • i think asking her for a play date will be to soon you know I've only know her for two months plus i haven't broken the ice with her any advice on how to i know her smiling a lot around me is a bonus cause everytime she makes eye contact she blushes but I don't know i feel she's just like that in general but I don't know i mean i analyzed her quit a bit and it doesn't seem she's like that with everyone its just when im around =)

    • Lol. I don't think there is any way to know. You just have to jump in and take a risk. So I would probably ask her to lunch.

    • mhhmmmm you know what ill offer her a ride to her daughters and give her the offer after i drop her to her daughters school cause i would marry this women if she'd tell me str8 up if she was interested i mean i think she is but you can never know lol

  • My boyfriend is Latino, I don't know if marriage will work out, but race isn't an issue, nor is cultural stuff

    • why do you think marriage won't work out im always flexible in my relationships i love im not controlling im a fun person i make people laugh a lot you know do you feel it might be her that might not want to get married cause im open to it as long as i know she loves me

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    • No, he's stupid.

    • sorry to hear that =/

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