Please guide me ladies.. Or guys?

So I like this girl at my school. We known each other as acquaintances first, until we started talking for a while. I guess it would be obvious to her already that I like her (because of you lady's amazing senses.) so I told her that we should hang out. She agreed and we arranged a date, but I literally forgot to get her number. So I told her on facebook that we should've exchanged numbers lol. She read it, but never replied like she usually does. So I guess she chose to ignore me or something. What I'm saying is, im at a confused position and I probably did something wrong there. If so, what should I do? Should I just leave her alone? Don't really want to get myself into getting hurt in the future from another girl.


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  • You didn't do anything wrong, you asked quite casually for her number. She probably doesn't feel the same way back, or does. If she doesn't you message you back then just leave it, never chase.

    Liking someone is like a gamble, it may or may not work. Don't be intrigued by one bad experience and think you'll get hurt in the future. Wish you good luck


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