Should I just delete him and get it over with?

So I know this guy who was an (in disguise) jerk to me, in terms of he was mean in a not life-altering way.

I'm rich, so the money he sort of scammed me out of barely meant anything to me. I guess he knew that.

But it's the principle of the matter.

if he did that it must mean we're barely friends, forget on good terms with each other.

I recently heard he's moved back to my home town which means I may have to see him again.

Should I just be cordial despite his mistakes, or be cold and mean.


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  • It is the law of friends. If someone is selfish and steals from his neighbor he will have the reward of a thief. In other words he may have gotten his money but he will have lost his friends.

    • Maybe he never considered me one to begin with if he did that.

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