Is this a good sign?

There is this guy at work. Supposedly girls say he's kind of shy. I can sense that a little, at least at first
girls always talk to him first but he barely talks to them or not a lot. When I first met him he never talked to me. I talked to him a little, would smile now he talks more.
but whenever I see him he always talks to me first
I saw him today, and he had a long blown convo with me. Came up to me first to talk. I was surprised because I felt super ugly today


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  • Forget what that other jackass said. Yes love that's a good sign it means you've gained some of his trust and he's comfortable with you. I'm assuming you're interested in him?

    • Yeah Ian

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    • I'm scared to do that. But I think he's a little less shy now since I tried talking to him before and would make jokes with him.

    • Eh don't be scared. He may never find it in him to ask you out and then you'll always wonder 'what if'. Better to have an 'I tried' than a 'what if'.

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  • U were super ugly today.. he felt sorry for u he probably firgured someone close to u died

    • That's really mean

    • You're 44 talking like that man? To say that's pathetic would be a severe understatement.

    • He's probably a 44 year old virgin

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