Girls, how can I avoid the friendzone?

If being nice and being a gentleman is in my nature i could never disrespect or degrade a women and expect her to like or take it. Im the type that would cuddle with the girl while watching a movie it dosent even lead to sex because thats just a part of a relationship not all and finally ladies im very loyal she's the only thing on my mind even when im at work


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  • Stop thinking of the friend zone as a bad thing. What's wrong with having friends who also happen to be women? Women are not machines that you put friendship coins into until sex falls out.

    • I dont think you understand what kind of person i am i dont have flings, one night stands , friends with benefits im not that type of way i look at a girl with romantic thoughts

    • Yes, I get that. I know how to read, thanks.

      You're the one misunderstanding here. I'm tellin you that the way o avoid the friend zone is to stop seeing women as only one thing - people for you to be involved with romantically. They have more than that to offer you.

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  • You can't. If that woman decides that she's not interested, that's what she'll put you in.

    You're also making me feel very sad for you... all of these questions...

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    • Try other sites. Broaden your range. Those girls may be like me though... I have a profile that I haven't touched in years... LOL.

    • Nah i have a paid profile it shows they read them Plus they view my profile

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