I have a girlfriend but am having feelings for another girl?

So me and my girlfriend have been dating for three years now and I've always been certain that she was the one for me but recently I've started having feelings for another girl what should i do?
And no i do not plan on cheating on my girlfriend should i tell my girlfriend should i just cut off all contact with the other girl or what?
Thanks for the answers..


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  • If your plan is to stay with your girlfriend, then I would say don't tell her. Crushes happen, but there's no sense in making her feel insecure about it (unless you've crossed any boundaries with the other girl). Distance yourself from the other girl so that you're not encouraging further feelings or putting yourself into tempting situations.


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  • What ur suggesting is cheating? If it come to u must be with the other girl break up with the one u have noe


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  • break up with your girlfriend and chase after the new girl, save your current girlfriend the misery of your company she deserves better. FYI your a horrible person and a total loser run of the mill horny teenage boy :)


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