Would you take a chance with him/her?

Alright, so you stumble upon someone of the opposite gender (or same gender, in case you're homosexual), and you realize that they're completely smitten by you. They seem compatible with you on so many levels, and you too enjoy talking with them. You know that the person likes you, and you somewhere inside you get the feeling that they might be the best person for you. But the thing is, although they aren't necessarily bad looking, you don't completely feel physically attracted to them. You don't find them 'unattractive', but at the same time you feel that they are not your type in terms of looks. But apart from the physical attraction part, you do acknowledge that this person is a rare gem, and letting him/her go now might make you regret your decision. And even the other person would be totally disappointed.

So what would you do in this kind of situation? Because I'm faced with a similar situation right now, and I don't know what to do.

P. S. You are compatible with him/her in so many ways, and even in terms of looks they are good looking but just not your type.

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  • Usually physical attraction grows with mental attraction
    That's usually how I end up liking people I never found attractive before
    However, the catch is that usually happens before you date

    Because I tried it the other way around you know dating someone I didn't like but we were compatible everywhere else "best friend, guy" and lets just say that didn't go well and the attraction didn't grow neither did the chemistry
    I mean we had chemistry but not like the kind couples had/ the kind friends had well that's what I had he totally felt chemistry and I did not

    We weren't friends for a while "awkward "
    But totally cool about it now
    Some people are better left in the friend zone

    • Actually we tried twice lol

      Give it a go I guess and hopefully your friendship is strong enough that if it doesn't work out you'll both still be cool

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    • But why must you wait so long is this going to be like Long Distance...

    • Thanks for your inputs!
      Actually I'm travelling out of the country for official work for a month. That's the reason I can't meet her during that time.

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  • Do it... old saying
    If your always looking for the diamond, you'll miss the basket of pearls that's been at your feet the whole time

    • Well... she's actually a combination of diamond and pearls! I just hope the ''looks' issue gradually fades away. Like I said, she is actually good looking but just not the type I'm physically attracted to.

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    • Yeah, exactly! Good people are very hard to find in this cruel world. So I'd actually be a fool to let someone like her go. The only thing that concerns me, is if something goes wrong later I'm sure she'll be REALLY disappointed and then I'd feel guilty of giving her false hopes.

    • I had a similar situation. I fucked up and she left.
      It's probably the only regret I have in my life relationship wise, she was amazing...
      Jump in and don't look back

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  • Hey! I was in the exact same situation and I chose to date them. Right now I have gotten to the point where I look past her physical features and see her heart and who she really is. Whether it's a guy or a girl, if you choose to date them and make them yours use this technique. It helped me. I have never been happier with anybody else. I wish you good luck! :)

    • Thanks for your input! :)

  • I wouldn't let them down gently. They probably wouldn't get it if I did.

    they would become your best friend forever
    and dating never spoken nor considered


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