How to remind the guy about the date?

I like a guy and through text messaging we agreed we are going ot the movies next week, though we did not set an exact time or day we just said it was going to be next weekend and that we well keep in touch again next week to set up details.

How to remind him of the date without making him feel compromised? I just want to refresh his memory about the date cause he ay easily forget about it and make plans on his own since we talked about yesterday but we will talk again about it like on the same Friday wweekend of next week. I dont want to come too strong.
The date was cancelled then and re-scheduled


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  • Just text him something like, "How's everything going? Are we still on for the movies next weekend?"

    • What if I add to your suggestion this: want to see you

    • Sure, good idea.

What Girls Said 1

  • Text him about it.


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