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There is a girl I like at school and I have been told by her friends that she likes me back. I am not sure how much I should hang out with her at school...And how much I should text her. recently I have been texting her everyday but she never starts the conv. but always replies. What should I do?


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  • Cool it a bit. Don't come on so strong. Try to talk to her more face to face than texting. Talk to her at school and whatnot, but be aware of how she acts toward you. If it seems like she's just talking to you to be polite back off. Let her come to you every once in a while. Girls like to be in charge every once in a while


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  • it sounds like she likes you...hang out with her every other day or 2 so you don't seem to clingy unless she comes up to you to hang out. and girls usually want the guy to call or text first so don't take it personal. stop texting her for a day and see if she will text you first.


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