Why do girls lead me on so much?

It's annoying.


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  • I'm sure most of them don't mean to mislead you and make you feel like you're wasting your time. The problem is that at some point in a girl's life, she'll learn (usually from a very scary confrontation) that being direct with guys isn't the best idea. So to avoid hurting a guy's feelings or provoking a harsh reaction, girls will learn to come up with excuses that are intended to soften the blow. As a general rule, if a girl likes you, she'll say "yes" when you ask her out, she won't act hot-and-cold towards you, and she'll want to be with you. Anything less should be interpreted as a lack of interest.


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  • They're players, and they see you as an easy target, so you got respect yourself more, show them that you're more important that her, because when you give someone you don't know, more importance than what you give yourself, they're gonna take advantage of you.

  • They love the attention?


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