Did I try a little too hard to talk to this girl I like?

So in a very very short form of this story. I added her on Snapchat and she wasn't replying so I got worried and started oversnapping her. So getting worried I sent her a pic of my face saying if you don't want to talk just tell me. And she took a screenshot of my face. So I asked her why she did that and she said "So 17 girls can judge you". So I replied with why? So you could make fun of me. And she replied with no. Then I was confused and thought that she was telling me the truth saying that she didn't. So later on I found out from one of her friends did see the picture and 17 girls did judge me. So I then proceeded to message her again saying why would you do that. And she then said something along the lines of " first of all, are all girls aliens? Or are we normal human beings?". So I then thought wtf? So I get on my bus later on that day with all my friends and me being angry. So then one of my friends is also friends with the girl I like and apparently she said that she liked me. So I asked if she was sure and she said %100. So I wanted to ask her why she did what she did and I then found out from friend #1 that she said I was creepy. So the girl that likes me (supposedly) and i like back blocks me on Instagram and Snapchat and won't talk to me at all. So I get my friend to ask her why she is being so mean and she said that I'm creepy and annoying. So as very weird and convoluted this story is. It is actually way more complex than this. This is VERY condensed. So ask questions if needed. So my question is did I push it to far? Should I try to talk to her at school why she thinks I'm creepy? Being very hard to considering she is always with her 2 best friends all the time. Or should I forget about it and take a lesson from it and they not to push to much.

P. S: This is probably the only girl I've actually thought this much about for a long time.

P. S P. S: Im 15


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  • First of all you need to stop pushing so hard. When you text a girl a lot and they don't reply it's probably because they don't want to talk and then you should just let it go for the moment. She thinks you're creepy because you're sending her a lot of messages and stuff, really intense. Everyone, girls and guys, when we know someone likes us, we tend to feel "superior" and with power over them so if they keep demonstrating they like us we start being rude because we feel too much. You should stop giving her attention for a while, as if you didn't care. She'll start noticing you ;)

    • Haha, thanks! All of my friends told me to give her the cold shoulder and not talk to her. Just wanted to hear that from someone else. Thanks!

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  • Your young, it happens... but I think you definitely over-pursued... don't push too much mate, let the dust settles for a while maybe

    • Don't let it get you down. Good chance every guy has done it at some stage in their life... but remember patience pays

    • Thank you. I definitely want to know why she thinks that since she kept giving me mixed messages. she's being nice to me lately so we will see. I'm might try to ask her one day why she thought that way exactly. But until then I'm just gonna not talk to her. Thanks for the advice.

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  • You should just hang out with her! If you truly like her, and she truly likes you, then it doesn't matter what other people think! If they want to make fun of you or insult you, that's THEIR decision! How do you think you were born? You've got to just block out the haters and focus on your life because you are very special and we all love you (not gay just being kind love :) SO YOU SHOW THOSE HATERS WHOS BOSS!!!


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