Girls, what's another place to meet women besides bars for dating/relationhip?

I don't like bars and the dating sceen there. I never tired it, but I don't like drinking and none of it appeals me. I'm looking for a serious relationship or someone to date, but I don't know what's a good place to search for women in terms of dating in person. I'm somewhat reserved, but I can be outgoing in soical situations. What are good places for an intellectual college guy to look for a parthner?
I don't like dating sites, and it feels creepy/awkward to try to ask out classmates. What do you think are good places to meet someone?


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  • Well, if you want a decent girl, the bar is definitely not the right place...
    College would be one of the best places. Easy especially on orientation day or the first day of classes since you get to meet people in different specializations as well as those with similar interests with you - whichever works well.

    Another place could be a workplace. You could meet nice people by doing part-time.

    I think it's difficult to meet people in random places like on the streets... at least good people. If you look in places where people work or study, you'll at least know they have a future.

    • Agreed. There are decent girls who go to bars you'll definitely find more at a cafe, library, town event (festival), school, or pretty much any social event around town.

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