I'm thinking of trying out speed dating?

Any tips or advice?


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  • i haven't done this personally, but i would recommend you try to relax, be yourself, pay attention to what the other person has to say , and also talk about yourself, if there isn't much time, start with likes/hobbies etc, this will allow you to get to know them, and what they like to do, also find out if they are looking for the same thing you are, ( hookup, relationship, friends with benefits...) its important you establish the compatibility between you to, to see if there is chemistry. pay attention to the person you are talking to and try not to like someone just because of their appearance, look at everything, how they laugh, smile... little signals like that. if you are interested in someone then invite them out sometime, or get their number before you leave, and dont be down if you don't meet someone you like the first time, sometimes it will take a few tries, and sometimes if some of the same people go again, people you originally had no interest in, might interest you :)


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  • We'll be honest and be quick since they only give you like 3 min per guy and if you don't like it just be quiet like I did lol I was forced to go on a speed dating with my sister and BFF funny as heck tho.

  • This is how I did it, once upon a time:
    Genuinely interested HELLO, eye-eye, handshake, sit
    What experiences do YOU have in ballroom/C&W dancing?
    Other co-ed sports shared with a SO?
    Then let them talk
    I was shopping for a partner in those Qs above... that could develop into more, you could do the same. No answer = no experience, possibly no desires = "F"
    Then I give my contact 411 card ONLY to those that made an "A" at closing
    (if forced to give everyone a card... I would have fake 411 cards to give to the "F"s)


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