Am I desperate? how to stop being so desperate?

So lately i have realised if pretty much any guy asks me out i would say yes, and then i realised that im pretty desperate lol. Ofc i have some standars, for example i wouldn't date him if he:

- i dont find anything about him attractive
- he's too fat or too skinny
- Smokes
- Bad personality

When i think about it, i have been desperate for a long while now... getting a date with someone i like appranetly isn't something that i ment for me. If it wasn't for my insecurity and shyness i think i would have slep with a lot of not so attractive guys... Im very glad i haven't had sex with anyone yet, but i have been in a situation where it was close.

The "worst" part is that im not unattractive, but i pretty much get a shut down when im near people i find attarctive, and if im im lucky and they like me back (happend just some months ago) im very closed off and i know i can come across as super indifferent or uninterested.

ANYWAY, how to stop being so frikin desperate? im going to do something i regret soon :S


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  • so you actually wouldn't say yes to any guy, no you're not desperate.

    you should be comfortable being by yourself, love yourself. its natural to want a partner in life but if you can be completely content living life along then I say you're ready.

    • alone* the fuck

    • well i guess i am.. i have always been single.. and since im 20, and not unattractive, and have never had a boyfriend i think i stress about it a lot. But im pretty sure its more internal presure then external to be honest... But i have a lot to work on, school and personal struggels.. so i know i should be focusing on that.. And regarding not being, or being desperate. I forgot to mentioned that a lot of the guys i do say yes to not match the things i really want from a guy, he might have on or two of my criterias, but the guys i do go on dates with are guys i dont necessarly like, hence i would call myself desperate

    • from my observations its the pretty girls that tend to have more trouble than the more so average girls on the attractive scale, so you're not alone. and 20 is damn young still, wait until you're 28 then you can wonder. some guys you date don't fit your criteria, it happens to everyone, doesn't mean you're desperate.

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