Guys, do you get tired of initiating all the conversations, texting and meetings to a girl you like?

Provided, she always respond.


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  • I think is the other way around Beause for me guys are people of few words and the ones who alwayus initiate conversations are the gilrs not the guys

    • Not always. This guy has been texting me constantly for 7 mths now.

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  • girls always text or message me first actually

    its rare when i have to initiate the convo, except for the very first one

    • Do you like it like that? You just sit back on your throne and enjoy the fuss, girls give u?

    • i know a nice girl when i see one and i choose them wisely, im not a player, I've only had sex with four girls. i dont go for the arrogant blonde bimbos that want pampering and attention that most guys chase after, and fail.

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