Is this a bad idea? I've been planning on maturely confronting him about this situation.

Long story short. I was seeing this guy for awhile, we called it off because of "bad timing and he didn't want us to turn into anything serious." I respected him for being honest with me and backed off. 8 days later he texted me "Funny with friends talking about girls with pretty eyes and I thought about you" we had a short convo and I ended it quick. I found out through my best friend he was seeing this girl from my work. My best friend sent me this "So you know how Ryan texted you Saturday night? At like 10pm. Well he saw Jenna that night. And begged for her to give him another shot. He pinned her to the corner and was like "please give me a shot. I really like you. You called it off too quickly" and Jenna showed me a picture. After California, he bought her home gifts from his trip. Saw her like two times. she was going too see him three times but she blew him off to hang out with someone else." I've been planning on maturely confronting him about this situation. He texted me on Easter , saying he wanted to plan on seeing each other that week. Plans didn't work out, he didn't text me the following day like he said he would so I made plans. He said he would text me on Sunday but once again never did. I waited a decent amount of time then added him on Facebook again.
He sent me a screenshot of my friend request
Him: 😏
Him: Miss that girl
Me: But you really don't
Him: Yes I do
Him: Sucks always giving some what excuses just get caught up in me. Hard to explain but would love to try someday soon
Me: You're all talk. Your words and actions just don't line up
Him: Can we get together? Not sure if you care to see where my heads at but we were going in a good direction till I got all caught up
Me: It was more than "caught up." When you actually follow through with your plans and what you say I'll meet up with you. Not being mean or nasty, just being real with you..
Him: And I understand
Him: What's ur plans Thursday night or Saturday?
Me: (told him
told him my plans...
Him: Well when are you free?
Me: Thursday might work depending on the time.
Him: I work lunch and free after 6ish...
Him: Can we make a date? 😊
Me:Thursday at 7or 8then
Him: Either works for me
Me: Passing out ill let you know tomorrow good night
Him: Good night Payton
Update continued
Me: Hey, Thursday at 9:30pm meet me at Friday's in Huntington, is that okay?
Him: Yeah that works !
Me: Good! :)
Is this a bad idea or do you think it could work out in my favor? Help!!!


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  • I would meet up with him but I am begging you, do not be like me. I would fall into his trap because that's the type of girl I am. I would give him another chance. But he does not deserve one! Its clear that this guy is using you as a side chick because he can always come running back to yo. Meet up with him, tell him where you stand but don't fall for the bullshit. If you can walk away from him and not fall into his trap then you will be considered the girl who got away and then you will be on his mind all the time. Reject him. Turn him down and make him feel the same pain you did when he dicks out on you and tries hooking up with other women!


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