Am I scared of serious relationships?

Ok Im 28 and never had a serious beyfriend, Im virgin too because Im kinda reserved and dont see myself fucking just for fucking, you know like a lot of people do one night stand or date for couple of weeks and fuck the next day.
I can't do it like that, but for me being comfortable having sex , I must date a guy for enough time, so I trust him my body.
But every guy who wants something serious freaks me out.
I dont want comittment I think, I dont know why but Im extremely uncomfortable with men, entering my personal/intimate life.
Well, thats leads to no sex, as I explained I need time to be ready for sex with certain guy.
It's some kind of weird closed circle.
What should I do or change , Why I act this way?


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  • By NOT being freaked out by people you would actually like and like you back.

    • But I freak out Only when they get serious, talk about move in ,"woman of my life", kids or similar things.

    • Let me tell you this. The guy in the other room? I rent this flat from him, okay?
      So he was engaged with my sister, been together for 5 years. Then they broke up.
      Well. Shit happens, he moved on - what else can you do?

      So he found a new girl.
      That girl was a vegetarian, and she freaked out when he handed her the key to the house. She also had a boyfriend at the time. Obviously it didn't work out at all.

      Then he met another girl online. They met, and she stayed here throughout the whole weekend. Then he gave her the key to the house, and she was like, "really? that's awesome!" and was absolutely enthusiastic. The guy in the other room moved out to her house in about 3 weeks.

      Why was she so enthusiastic? Because her parents met, and they married after 6 months of being together. And they've since been a happy couple. So she doesn't mess around with "omg what if it doesn't work", because it depends on the two people involved. Mistrust won't help you build a relation.

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  • Find someone who is the same


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