Girls, my girlfriend shot me in the foot by dumping me and going back to her ex. Why are some women that way?

We are doing well and then she spent her day off with her ex. She called me and told me she didn't know if we were going to work out.

It hurts and it cuts like a knife to the stomach


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  • There are a couple of factors involved...

    1. Rebound Relationship.
    NEVER get involved with someone who is newly out of a relationship or suggests that they miss their ex. NEVER. Chances are, they are unintentionally (sometimes even intentionally) using you as an emotional, mental, and physical distraction so that your presence can smother the longing for another man (or woman). Deep down inside, they compare everything about you to their ex whether it's in a good or bad way which essentially is all bad for you because you are a unique individual and you deserve to be experienced without being compared to another's memory. When you're a rebound, you are essentially being used to put off the person confronting their heartache. Your jokes and affection will replace their 'breakup frowns' with smiles but it doesn't fix the real lingering problem which is why situations like yours happen.

    2. The b*tch seems to lack integrity. What the fuck kind of significant other spends the day with their ex then immediately leaves their boyfriend? A SH*TTY ONE. There's CLEARLY something off with her moral compass. There are better females out there. One day a woman will come along and put her memory to shame : )

    It's going to hurt. Cry. Scream. Shout. Yell. Release the pain otherwise it will make you bitter. Let time do it's thing and make sure you stay busy and find reasons to be joyful and excited about life.


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  • Im sorry to hear that. 😞 that was not nice of her!!

  • She never was over the ex. You might have been just a "temp" until she got her way. Girls are mean.


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