Tinder? Tell me more about it?

I am planning to join Tinder and would like to know more about it.
1. Is it only for hooking up or you can also find there people, who are looking serious relationship? If yes, then any tips how can you identify them?
2. How long you message someone in average before you go on a date?
3. Have you had situations where you have found there your crush (someone you know in real life)? If yes, did you swipe left or right?

If you want to add something, feel free :)
  • I use Tinder for hooking up
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  • I use Tinder in order to find a serious relationship
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  • Other
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  • I do not use Tinder
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Who da fuq uses tinder to find a serious relationship? lmao


Most Helpful Girl

  • Seems like for those desperate horny people to only hook up! My ex had one and he looooved talking to girls! XD and he wasn't looking for anything serious either.


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  • Tinder for serious relationship? lol its a hook up app lol


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