Do I contact him after he added me on facebook, after not speaking for a year?

There is this guy who I have been seeing on-and-off for the last 4 years, since I was 18. (22 now). We dated very short in 2011, but then I broke it off with him. I initiated contact in January 2013. When I wrote him after a date in August 2013, he didn't write me back. We haven't been in touch dinvr until he decided to add me on facebook, a year later, August 2014. So far he hasn't written me, and I am really curious on how he is doing. Should I write him, and if so what should I say?

So many questions are going through my head.
Should I contact him?
Why did he add me?
Is he expecting me to write him?
What's the point of having me on facebook if he doesn't write me?
  • Yes, he is to cowardly to write you first
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  • Wait until he writes you
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