Missing spark but still wants to date?

So I have been seeing this guy for a couple months now and he told me he doesn't feel a spark, I told him if he didn't feel one we needed to cut this off cause I do not want to get attached, he told me he still wants to date because he is attracted to me and he does really like me, he says I am the best thing for him and I have great qualities that he adores such as how caring I am and how motherly I am like how I always put everyone before myself anf I would make a good wife one day.. I am so confused about all of this please help!! Am I wasting my time and just gonna get hurt or what?

Might I add that I do really like him and I can see a future with him, I am falling hard and just don't want to keep this going if it'll hurt me bad in the end.


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  • Drop him. He is dating because your the type of person he should be wanting to have because of all the good traits you have. But if he doesn't have that spark he will go looking for it. A relationship should have everything you want it for you to want it, fight for it and have it.


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  • It's normal for the spark to fade after a few months. I've been with my boyfriend for a good 9 months and I'm EXPECTING the spark to die out. It happens when you get comfy with each other. However, I don't expect our love for one another to fade. Just the butterflies and excitement of dating a new person. We are pretty set on trying out a life together.
    At least you guy is honest. It really all depends on how he said it and in what situation he said it. I would try to see him less, but still regularly, you know? Just enough to see how he deals without you around.


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  • He's not convinced. And that's usually what the point of dating is, to find out whether things work or not, discover different aspects of each other. However, if it's already been a few months and he still feels the same way, he's not dating you because he's attracted to you. It's because you check off all the right qualities he wants. Get out of there.


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