What am I to him then?

I go to college with a guy I've been talking to since December. We text 24/7, each lunch/dinner with eachother a few times a week, we are "exclusively dating" (we haven't had sex with eachother yet, I wanted to wait) and its clear we both really like eachother. Howeverr, when we are at a party and he's drunk, he will draw attention to/point out that he doesn't say he loves me and hell say it in a joking way, but its like, if you dont love me, why are you pointing it out to me? On April fools day he texted me saying he loved me and then said April fools. IN person, he mentioned how he didn't want to say April fools but he thinks I would tell all my frinds that he said he loved me. IS he just being immature about his true feelings for me? Also he mentioned how his dad asked about me and he told him it was nothing serious. But nothing serious would mean we would just be fuck buddys and we dont even have sex. The problem is that he dated a girl for 3 years and she broke his heart and nowin this stage in his life he says he's smarter now and doesn't want to make a relationship a top priority. doesn't want to open up his feelings. Then what is the point in dating me? He said he isn't stringing me along but im really confused... Im graduating this year and he graduates next semester, we both have grad schools ahead of us.


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  • Yes, he is just being immature The truth is he probably doesn't KNOW his true feelings. I doubt he thinks about it a lot, I am sure you do. That fact that you think about it a lot makes you think he must too. But he probably doesn't. Either just go with the flow and stop worrying about what he "feels" because that will just keep you confused and anxious all the time, since he doesn't even know, or tell him to think about it and report back to you, but only after telling him what you feel about him and how you see the relationship, give him some perspective so he has somewhere to start. Don't make the mistake of putting all the pressure of defining the relationship on him.


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