Would you date a girl who's too good for you? Would you let a guy date you if you were too good for him?

She/you have money, a car, and you're outgoing. The guy doesn't have all of the luxuries you have, but he's attractive, a hard worker, and a guy with great morals and relationship qualites. Neither side will show signs of jealousy. Would you date him? For the guys, would you consider dating her even if she were too good? Personally, I would have to make sure she would be okay with it and that it wouldn't cause any tension.
  • Yes I would let him date me. I would date her.
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  • Sorry, but I we need to have a similar lifestyle, even if he's a great guy.
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  • Other, I'll explain why.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I wouldn't date someone I didn't consider 'good enough' for me; but I don't measure whether someone is 'good enough' based on these things. Call me an idealist, but I measure guys more by their compatibility with me, personality-wise, his compassion, honesty, kindness.. I will have to say an imbalance in cultural capital might be a challenge


Most Helpful Guy

  • The way I see it, all I can do is paint an honest picture of myself. If she wants to be with me, that's her choice. I would have it be an informed one.

    I'm not what you'd call wealthy - my chosen profession will likely always keep me in the middle class. In her chosen career, she will always earn more than I do. I want to help her in any way I can to achieve her dream, whether I'm to be a part of her future or not, not that I might reap the benefits, but because I love her.

    • Ez te hez dikem, Ibtisam. 😘

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What Girls Said 2

  • It's more about the person themselves and whether you're compatible. Material possessions are not an important factor at all.

  • I would totes date him :)


What Guys Said 2

  • Date based on compatibility (and I'm not talking about what a computer sheet says).

  • if she was 2 good... SURE i'd embrace her!


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