Guys, what was that? guys, explain this?

what signs when boyfriend dont like you that much already...
guys, how u act and behave urself with a girl u date for couple of years, but u realise u not into that much any more?
what would your behaver be?


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  • Not into sexual behavior, quiet and to himself most the time with dull answers... excuses to see you less... That pretty much sums it up till he leaves on the pettiest excuse

    • He became quiet and on himself, but he still initiate meetings... What can it mean?
      Sometimes he invite me to meet, then suddenly say he have to work late...

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    • We have sexual contacts still, but he barely get hard

    • he's turned off by something... you have to sit him down face to face and find out the real issue at hand

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  • Starts to pay less attention to you, spends less time with you on weekends.


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